2018 Apparel Trends

Posted on Jan 25, 2018

As we embark on a new year, we turn our attention to reviewing the Hot Trends for Corporate Apparel to ensure that Icon Marketing is providing relevant, exciting apparel to our clients.

Here’s what is trending for apparel in 2018:

TEXTURE ~ last year saw the rise in the importance of textured clothing.  Texture is a big deal because people are tactile meaning they like to touch and feel things.  When people shop for clothing, what is the first thing they do?  First they see the article of clothing with their eyes, then they touch it!  Texture is a big deal!  Not only does texture enhance the tactile experience of clothing, it also provides a visual depth to apparel.

COLOR ~ 2018 promises to be the year for brighter and bolder colors.  While there will always be a market for classic colors such as navy, black, sand and grey; 2018 apparel launches look to be filled with bright, vibrant colors such as lemon yellow, cherry tomato, bright purple and teal.

PERFORMANCE FEATURES ~ now more than ever, clients want clothing that adapts to a wide range of environments, while remaining stylish and comfortable.  Performance capability remains a sought after feature, but clients also want those styles to have the comfortable “cotton feel” touch.

ATHLEISURE & FUNCTIONALITY ~ one of the biggest modern apparel trends over the past few years has been in athleisure.  “Functionality over formality” is trending as millenials and X’ers take over the workplace.  This audience expects apparel that functions not only in the workplace, but also in daily activities.  The Corporate Apparel industry is also changing to ensure that the promotional apparel styles meet the standards of retail styles.

VINTAGE IS BACK! ~ modern trends toward urban and streetwear styles continue to be popular, but there is a growing interest in vintage style apparel.  We have seen an uptick in leather jackets, varsity jackets and raglan sleeve baseball shirts.   While the vintage styles enjoy renewed interest, the fabrications used today are newer and more modern to keep the style fresh and relevant.


Source:  Promo Marketing/December 2017

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