Featured Brand of the Month: Under Armour

Posted on Mar 27, 2018

We are pleased to begin a monthly series of blog posts entitled Featured Brand of the Month!  Each month we will introduce a key brand highlighting its unique characteristics, brand personality and preview some of the brand’s items available through Icon Marketing.   We look forward to sharing these brands with you….who knows, maybe there will be a brand or two you did not realize we offered!?

Featured Brand of the Month:  Under Armour

The Under Armour mission is to make its apparel better through passion, design and the relentless pursuit of innovation.  Now Under Armour brings that same passion to the workplace with a assortment of styles that allow you to align your team with the Under Armour winning attitude.

All Under Armour apparel must be sold decorated, but you have a choice of traditional embroidery or a more contemporary heat seal decoration method.  Whichever decoration is selected, your custom Under Armour apparel will be proudly worn creating a powerful billboard for your brand.  Under Armour promises this is more than a decorated garment; it’s an investment in your brand.

The Under Armour line of products includes:

  • Polo Shirts (UA Polo Shirts / UA Polo Shirts 2):  The Under Armour polo line has just what you need; innovative designs, unique stylings and the power of the Under Armour brand.  Under Armour polos provide a distinct look for any corporate environment
  • Woven Shirts (UA Wovens):  Offering both short sleeve and long sleeve options, the Under Armour button-down collection offers comfort and style
  • Fleece (UA Fleece):  The classic Under Armour look is represented here with a 1/4 zip and hoodie assortment.  Pair the 1/4 zip with a woven for a stunning corporate look!
  • Outerwear (UA Outerwear / UA Outerwear 2):  Whether you are looking for protection from the wind or rain or just something to take off the chill, the Under Armour outerwear collection has you covered
  • Bags (UA Bags / UA Bags 2):  Under Armour bags are designed for meetings or a quick overnight trip in varied styles and sizes to ensure you find exactly what you need
  • Hats UA Hats): Under Armour hats bring the best of UA technology and style to corporate headwear

Get your Under Armour branded apparel today from Icon Marketing.

Under Armour:  Make It Yours

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