Hot Trends from Show Season!

Posted on Jun 28, 2018

The Icon Marketing Team is looking forward to attending our industry event this summer!  We look forward to sharing the many ideas and new products that are featured at this year’s event.

As our industry trade show season heats up, here are some of the trends in the Corporate Apparel and Promotional Products industry.

Brand Activism:  The increase in consumer consciousness has generated an unprecedented interest in brand activism, including products made with social responsibility and fair trade in mind.  People are more interested in giving back, and incorporating locally-made items that help local businesses and create a memorable souvenir.

Girl Power:  Several suppliers noted the expansion of products created specifically for women.  People have been ordering more fashion-forward products to wear every day.  While historically sales have been spread evenly between men’s and women’s products, lately, sales in the women’s market have jumped and provide the largest area for growth

Wellness:  Now that wellness appears to be elevated from a trend to a lifestyle, particularly for Millennials, products that fit in this market are innovative and abundant.

Every year as trade show season approaches we comment that there just can’t possibly be anything truly new, and yet every year there’s at least one thing that completely transforms our industry.  Wonder what it will be this year?

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