2020 Vision

Posted on Aug 28, 2019

As the next year is in sight, there is one promotional item you may want to keep an eye on. Wireless charging stations are fairly new to the promotional world and have a lot of promise. Being at a reasonable price point along with the ever-growing dependence on our phones are only a few of many reasons to watch out for wireless stations. On top of that they provide a flat and large print area.

Their greatest strength of all is something of a promotional item’s dream: DAILY USE! The constant repetition of seeing your logo is the ultimate goal of growing your brand, and wireless charging stations provide that advertisement every day.

Why 2020 for these charging stations to blow up? Today, there are still many versions of smartphones that required charging cords. This fall, Apple will be releasing three more versions of the iPhone, all with wireless charging capabilities (like the iPhone 8 and X). With the introduction of new technology, eventually the cord required cellphones will become ancient. Samsung has also released two new smartphones with wireless charging capabilities, contributing to this evolution.

The point is, it’s coming. With the number of devices that have this capability growing, promotions will follow. Keep wireless charging stations in mind as we can clearly see (pun intended) their effect in the upcoming year.

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