Strawtegic Giveaways

Posted on Aug 21, 2019

Going green is more than a trend; it’s the future. Creating as little waste while utilizing the most resources is key to any business, and same goes for our planet. Many people are acknowledging the negative environmental effects we have caused, and are trying to make a difference.

Reusable straws are leading the fight against ocean pollution. Saving the sea turtles has been a great motivator for many young people making an attempt to reverse the damage to our oceans. Although sea turtles have stolen the limelight of creatures damaged by ocean pollution, we are sure the other animals appreciate our efforts as well.

The perfect way to support environmental awareness, connect with younger generations, and promote your brand is to give away reusable straws. Whether it be for college fairs, new hires, or community events, silicone and stainless straws both have capabilities of pairing up with your logo. At a low price point and high rate of retainment, reusable straws truly do check all boxes when it comes to promotional items.

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