Featured Brand of the Month: Eddie Bauer

Posted on Dec 1, 2019

Passion about what you do is essential to success and happiness within your work. Eddie Bauer himself established the company back in 1920 to be a tennis racket repair shop. He was so passionate about the outdoors; he was only open a few months of the year for tennis season and spent the rest of the year chasing what he was passionate about; being a sportsman. A few years later, he would go onto patent the shuttlecock which spread badminton in the US. Following that, he patented the first quilted down-jacket! Bauer’s passion for outdoorsmanship led him to grow what is now a first-class outdoor apparel company.

Icon shares that same passion for our work, just as Eddie did in 1920. Become an icon in your industry by being passionate in your field, paving new ways of business. Promotional products and apparel are the perfect way to represent your pride for your workplace.

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